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Black Pepper Extract Powder


Piper nigrum L.


Piperine 10%, 50%, 90%, 95%, 98% HPLC




Piper Nigrum Seed Extract

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Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit, known as a peppercorn when dried, is approximately 5 millimetres (0.20 in) in diameter, dark red when fully mature, and, like all drupes, contains a single seed.


Piperine is commercially available. If desired, it may be extracted from black pepper using dichloromethane. The amount of piperine varies from 1-2% in long pepper, to 5-9% in the white and the black peppers of commerce. Further, it may be prepared by treating the solvent-free residue from an alcoholic extract of black pepper, with a solution of sodium hydroxide to remove resin (said to contain chavicine, an isomer of piperine) and solution of the washed, insoluble residue in warm alcohol, from which the alkaloid crystallizes on cooling. 


Model No.: BPE       

Product Name: Black Pepper Extract Powder

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum L.


1. Piperine 10%, 50%, 90%, 95%, 98% HPLC

2. Extract Ratio: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1



1) It can promote drug absorption, and improve the effectiveness of the drug function.

2) It has the function of treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and skin disease or wound healing.

3) It has the function of treating acute conjunctivitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis and urinary stones.

4) It has the function of enhancing immunity and supporting the intestinal absorption of nutrients.


Assay: Piperine 50% by HPLC

Appearance: Light Yellow Powder

Particle Size: 100% through 80 Mesh

Loss on Drying: < 5.0%

Heavy Metals: < 20ppm

Arsenic(As): < 2ppm

Lead(Pb): < 2ppm


Total Plate Count: < 10,000cfu/G

Yeast & Mold: < 1,000cfu/G

E.Coli.: Negative

Salmonella: Negative


a. The raw material is 100% natural, no additive added during products. Huge stock for the raw material, and finished products.


b. Full specifications, we can supply all the specifications.


c. Our special advantage is to produce goods conformed to the European market. European market is our main market, and we enjoyed a good reputation in Europe. Our heavy metals(As, Pb, Cd, Hg), Microbiology, Pesticide, etc. are well controlled.


d. Equipped with the most advanced extraction unit, and HPLC, UV, GC, AA. We are also in cooperation with many third party LAB to control the goods, such as SGS, PONY, CHROMADEX, etc..