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Olive Leaf Extract


Olea europaea L.


Oleuropein 6%-40% HPLC




Olea Europaea Leaf Extract 

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Olive leaf extract, which has been shown in clinical research to be effective against HIV, should be investigated for the treatment of Extremely Drug Resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB).

Olive leaf extract (OLE) is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent which has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many conditions where antibiotics and other conventional medications have been found to be ineffective.


Model No.:OLE

Product Name: Olive Leaf P.E.

Plant Origin: Olea europaea L.


Extract Ratio 10:1

Cas No.:65995-63-3  Oleuropein 6%-40% HPLC

Cas No.:10597-60-1  Hydroxytyrosol 5%-20%

Polyphenols 10%- 20%


1) It is used for the treatment of malaria; olive leaf extract traditionally received little attention in medical circles.

2) Olive leaf extract has a similar antiviral action to many antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), as both a potent protease and reverse transcriptase inhibitor.

3) Olive leaf extract also appears to be effective in the treatment of many of the opportunistic infections associated with HIV.


Assay: 20% Oleuropein by HPLC

Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder

Particle Size:100% through 80 Mesh

Loss on Drying:< 5.0%

Heavy Metals:< 20ppm

Arsenic(As):< 2ppm

Lead(Pb):< 2ppm


Total Plate Count:< 10,000cfu/G

Yeast & Mold:< 1,000cfu/G


Salmonella: Negative


a. The raw material is 100% natural, no additive added during products. Huge stock for the raw material, and finished products.


b. Full specifications, we can supply all the specifications.


c. Our special advantage is to produce goods conformed to the European market. European market is our main market, and we enjoyed a good reputation in Europe. Our heavy metals(As, Pb, Cd, Hg), Microbiology, Pesticide, etc. are well controlled.


d. Equipped with the most advanced extraction unit, and HPLC,UV,GC,AA. We are also in cooperation with many third party LAB to control the goods, such as SGS, PONY, CHROMADEX, etc..