We have  GAP standard planting bases in Zhejiang ,Shanxi ,Shandong with a planting area of more than 1000 acres ,ensuring the highest quality at the source.The bases atart their work from standardizing management, changing the cultivation of vast areas of land with a minimum of labor of expense to cultivation under scientific direction depend on advanced technology and effective measure of management.

  • Ganoderma Lucidum Cultivating













                  First Step:Wood-Log Select                                                        Second Step:Mycelium Cultivation















                Third Step: Sprouts Growing Out                                                 Third Step: Sprouts Growing Out                                 
















              Fourth Step: Pileus Opening                                                            The Fifth Step:Growing Up Period   

















                      The Sixth Step:Ripe Period                                                    The Mature Ganoderma Lucidum


















                     REISHI SPORE POWDER COLLECT 1                                             REISHI SPORE POWDER COLLECT 2



















  •                                                  Organic Farm of Barley Grass







































































               JAS Organic Certificate                                                                                   EU Organic Certificate

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