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Red Yeast Rice


Monacolin K  1.0%, 1.2%, 1.5%, 2.0%,  3.0% HPLC




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Red yeast rice, red rice koji or akakoji, red fermented rice, red kojic rice, red koji rice, anka, or ang-kak, is a bright reddish purple fermented rice, which acquires its colour from being cultivated with the mold Monascus purpureus. Red yeast rice powder has been used in China for centuries as both a food and as a medicinal substance.


Red yeast rice is what is referred to, in Japanese, as a koji, meaning 'grain or bean overgrown with a mold culture', a food preparation tradition going back to ca. 300 BC. In both the scientific and popular literature in English that draws principally on Japanese, it is most often known as "red rice koji". English works favoring Chinese sources may prefer the translation "red yeast rice".


Red yeast rice is produced by cultivating the yeast strain Monascus purpureus on rice. The rice is first soaked in water until the grains are fully saturated. The raw soaked rice can then either be directly inoculated or it can be steamed for the purpose of sterilizing and cooking the grains prior to inoculation. Inoculation is done by mixing either M. purpureus spores or powdered red yeast rice together with the rice that is being treated. The mix is then incubated in an environment around room temperature for 3–6 days. During this period of time, the rice should be fully cultured with M. purpureus, with each rice grain turning bright red in its core and reddish purple on the outside. The fully cultured rice is then either sold as the dried grain, or cooked and pasteurized to be sold as a wet paste, or dried and pulverized to be sold as a fine powder.


Model No.: RYC     

Product Name: Red Yeast Rice Powder


1. Monacolin K (Lovastatin) 0.1%, 0.4%, 1.0%, 1.2%, 1.5%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0% HPLC

2. Color Value 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000



1) Support healthy blood pressure levels, balance blood sugar, lower serum lipid levels, improve blood circulation, and promote cardiovascular health.

2) Improve digestion, promote normal cell growth, and slow down the aging process.

3) Promote healthy spleen and stomach function, benefit for bone health and function.

Assay: Monacolin K 1% by HPLC

Appearance: Light Red to Brown Red Powder

Moisture: < 10.0%

Heavy Metals: < 20ppm

Arsenic(As): < 2ppm

Lead(Pb): < 2ppm


Total Plate Count: < 10,000cfu/G

Yeast & Mold: < 100cfu/G

E.Coli.: Negative

Salmonella: Negative


a. The raw material is 100% natural, GMO free. Huge stock for the raw material, and finished products.


b.100% solid-state fermented, Acid form Monacolin K (MVA) is more than 60%, and the citrinin content is under strict control. 


c. Full specifications, we can supply all the specifications.


d. Our special advantage is to produce goods conformed to the European market. European market is our main market, and we enjoyed a good reputation in Europe. Our heavy metals(As, Pb, Cd, Hg), Microbiology, Pesticide, etc. are well controlled.


e. Equipped with the most advanced extraction unit, and HPLC, UV, GC, AA. We are also in cooperation with many third party LAB to control the goods, such as SGS, PONY, CHROMADEX, etc.