100% Natural Stevia Leaf  Tea Bag Cut F/C Fine Cut,T/B,Medium Cut, Coause Cut C/C,Extraction Cut EX


As the most professional supplier of Chinese herbal and botanical extract located in china,we can supply a complete and comprehensive product of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines(whole,slice,granule,powder,TBC).


We always use export-grade herbs as raw materials and well-chosen before processing.


With the good quality and competitive price,our products have been exported to many countries such as the USA,Europe,Japan etc for many years.   


10 Years' Professional Supplier to USA,EU of top quality Stevia Leaf Tea Bag Cut,Chinese Herb,Herb Tea Cut,Herb Powder.


Stevia Leaf Tea Bag Cut
Stevia Leaf Tea Bag Cut specification sheet
Stevia Leaf Tea Bag Cut packing
Stevia Leaf Tea Bag Cut packing carton