green tea extract powder

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Green Tea Extract Powder

Camellia sinensis Extract Powder,Tea Polyphenols


Camellia sinensis


Polyphenols 30%-70% UV,EGCG 20%-95%



Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

        Ⅰ. Green Tea Extract Powder Technical Data Sheet

          Ⅱ. Our Green Tea Extract Powder


  • Kosher,Halal,ISO9001,ISO22000 Certified Manufacturer

  • Low Contaminants of Aflatoxin,PAHs,Heavy Metal,Microbiological 

  • Non-Irradiation,Non-GMO,Non-Allergen

Our Green Tea Extract Powder is a kind of loose yellow fine powder,which is produced in Kosher,Halal certified factory with ISO9001,ISO22000.


The ingredients are produced from the Leaf of Green Tea which are planted in certified planting base in China and process strictly under the rules of international authentication.


The advanced control system is key for continuing quality control,we fully operate GMP operation and SOP(Standard Operation Procedure) in each step from raw material collect to product delivery.Only well selected raw material with low pesticide,low heavy metal,and high value,and high content will be used for extraction.


We have equipped with the most advance instrument and test equipment,such as HPLC, UV, AA, GC, TLC, which guarantees the safety of the production procedure and effectiveness of our produced material.All the critical steps of production are very strict controled,and the semi-products and final products are very well tested.


Our Green Tea extract powder,100% pure nature nutrient without any additives,and having high value content compounds.


Our Green Tea extract powder,is Non-Irradiation,Non-GMO,Non-Allergen Gurantee,and Low Contaminants of Aflatoxin,PAHs,Heavy Metal,Microbiological Gurantee.


Our Green Tea extract powder,is easy to combine with other mixed powder,and can be widely used in Dietary Supplyment,health food,functional food and natural medicine.


We are also in coopeation with many reputable independant Laboratory,such as Eurofins,SGS,PONY,Chromadex etc,to guarantee high potency,low pesticide,low heavy metal etc.

           Ⅲ. Our Product List of Green Tea:

A.  Green Tea Extract Powder:

  Manufacturer Flowchart:

  Raw Material->Cutting->Extraction->Filtration->Concentration->Spray Drying->Mixing->Packing->Finished Product.


      1.  Tea Polyphenols:

            Polyphenols are a class of phytochemicals found in high concentrations in green tea, and have been   associated  with                              heart disease and cancer prevention. The slight astringent, bitter taste of green tea is attributed to polyphenols.

           a. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 98%:

                Total Tea Polyphenols>98%+Total Tea Catechins>90%+EGCG>60%-70%+Caffeine<0.5%

                Total Tea Polyphenols>98%+Total Tea Catechins>80%-85%+EGCG>50%-60%+Caffeine<0.5%-1%


           b. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 95%

                Total Tea Polyphenols>95%+Total Tea Catechins>70%-80%+EGCG>45%-50%+Caffeine<0.5%-9%


           c. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 90%

               Total Tea Polyphenols>90%+Total Tea Catechins>60%-70%+EGCG>45%-40%+Caffeine<1%-10%


           d. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 80%

                Total Tea Polyphenols>80%+Total Tea Catechins>55%+EGCG>35%+Caffeine<1%-10%


           e. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 70%

                Total Tea Polyphenol>70%+Total Tea Catechins>50%+EGCG>25%-30%+Caffeine<1%-10%


            f. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 60%

                Total Tea Polyphenol>60%+Total Tea Catechins>40%-50%+EGCG>20%-25%+Caffeine<1%-10%


            g. Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols 50%-30%

                Total Tea Polyphenol>50-30%+Total Tea Catechins>40%-10%+EGCG>8%-20% +Caffeine<1%-10%

            H. Lipid-Soluble Tea Polyphenols 70%

                 Lipid-soluble tea polyphenols (LTPs) are products of modified GTPs with ester linkage with fatty acids. LTPs are lipophilic                         and expected to provide improved absorption and utilization in the body compared with water-soluble polyphenols.

                                                                                 Download Technical Data(PDF)


      2.  EGCG:

           Epigallocatechin gallate, also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is the ester of epigallocatechin and gallic acid, and is a type of             catechin. EGCG – the most abundant catechin in tea – is a polyphenol under basic research for its potential to affect human                   health and disease.

          a.  EGCG 90%, 95%,98% HPLC                                                                                                        

      3.  Natural L-Theanine:

           Theanine - An amino acid that produces tranquilizing effects in the brain, theanine is a unique amino acid found in the leaves                 sencha. Theanine is quite different from the polyphenol and catechin antioxidants for which green tea is typically consumed.                 Through the natural production of polyphenols, the tea plant converts theanine into catechins. This means that tea leaves                       harvested during one part of the growing season may be high in catechins (good for antioxidant benefits), while leaves                             harvested during another time of year may be higher in theanine (good for anti-stress and cortisol-controlling effects).

          a. Natural L-Theanine 20%,35%, 40%,98% HPLC 

B.  Organic Green Tea Extract Powder:

     1.  USDA & EOS Organic Green Tea Extract Powder

C.  Green Tea Powder:

        1.  80 Mesh                                                                                                                Download Technical Data(PDF)

D.  Instant Green Tea Powder:

        1.  Cold Instant Tea Type

        2.  Hot Instant Tea Type

E.  Others:

        1.  Matcha Powder

        2.  Black Tea Extract Powder

        3.  White Tea Extract Powder

        4.  Theaflavin

        5.  Black Tea Instant Powder

        6.  Green Tea Instant Powder

        7.  Jamsine Tea Instant Powder

        8.  Oolong Tea Instant Powder

        9.  Pu-erh Tea Instant Powder

       10. White Tea Instant Powder

          Ⅲ.  Photo of Green Tea Extract Powder

        Ⅴ.  Download Document of Green Tea Extract Powder

  •  Certificate of Analysis 

  •  Specification Sheet 

  •  Material Safe Data Sheet

  • Third Party Lab Test Report


        Ⅵ.  What's Green Tea

Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. The dried leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis are used to produce various types of teas. Green tea is prepared by steaming and pan-frying these leaves and then drying them. Other teas such as black tea and oolong tea involve processes in which the leaves are fermented (black tea) or partially fermented (oolong tea). People commonly drink green tea as a beverage.

As a prescription, green tea is used for genital warts. As a drink or supplement, it is sometimes used for high levels of cholesterol or other fats (lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidemia) and high blood pressure, to prevent heart disease, and to prevent cancer of the lining of the uterus (endometrial cancer) and ovarian cancer. It is also used for many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these other uses.


        Ⅶ.  Benefits and Dosage of Green Tea Extract 

Likely Effective for

  • Genital warts. A specific green tea extract ointment (Veregen, Bradley Pharmaceuticals; Polyphenon E ointment 15%, MediGene AG) is available as a prescription product for treating genital warts. Applying the ointment for 10-16 weeks seems to clear these types of warts in 24% to 60% of patients.

Possibly Effective for

  • Heart disease. Population studies suggest that drinking green tea is linked to a reduced risk of clogged arteries. The link seems to be stronger in men than women.

  • Cancer of the lining of the uterus (endometrial cancer). Population studies suggest that drinking green tea is linked to a reduced risk of developing endometrial cancer.

  • High levels of cholesterol or other fats (lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidemia). People who consume higher amounts of green tea seem to have lower levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad") cholesterol, and blood fats called triglycerides. They also seem to have higher levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL or "good") cholesterol. Consuming green tea or taking green tea extract daily for up to 24 weeks may reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Early research also suggests that green tea extract might reduce damage to vein and artery walls in people with high cholesterol.

  • High blood pressure. Drinking green tea might reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. It might also slightly lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. But not all research agrees.

  • Ovarian cancer. Women who regularly drink tea, including green or black tea, appear to have a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. But green tea does not seem to prevent people who have already had ovarian cancer from getting ovarian cancer again.

  • Parkinson disease. Some research shows that drinking caffeinated beverages can reduce the risk of Parkinson disease. Drinking one to four cups daily seems to provide the most protection against developing Parkinson disease.


The following doses have been studied in scientific research:


  • For high levels of cholesterol or other fats (lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidemia): Green tea or green tea extracts containing 150 to 2500 mg catechins, taken in single or 2 divided doses daily for up to 24 weeks, has been used.

  • For abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix (cervical dysplasia): 200 mg of green tea extract, taken by mouth daily along with a green tea ointment applied twice weekly for 8-12 weeks, has been used.

  • For high blood pressure: A green tea drink, made by boiling a 3 gram tea bag with 150 mL water, has been used three times daily about 2 hours after each meal for 4 weeks. Also, 379 mg of a specific product containing green tea extract (Olimp Labs, Debica, Poland), taken daily with the morning meal for 3 months, has been used.

  • For low blood pressure: 400 mL of green tea taken before lunch has been used.

  • For white patches inside the mouth that are usually caused by smoking (oral leukoplakia): 3 grams of mixed green tea taken by mouth and applied to the skin for 6 months has been used.


  • For genital warts: A specific green tea extract ointment (Veregen, Bradley Pharmaceuticals; Polyphenon E ointment 15%, MediGene AG) applied three times daily to warts for up to 16 weeks, has been used. This product is FDA-approved for treating this condition.

  • For abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix (cervical dysplasia): A green tea ointment has been used alone twice weekly, or in combination with 200 mg of green tea extract taken by mouth daily for 8-12 weeks.

  • For white patches inside the mouth that are usually caused by smoking (oral leukoplakia): 3 grams of mixed green tea taken by mouth and applied to the skin for 6 months has been used.


        Ⅷ.  What are the side effects of taking Green Tea extract

When taken by mouth: Drinking green tea is LIKELY SAFE for most healthy adults when consumed in moderate amounts (about 8 cups per day).

Green tea extract is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth for up to 2 years or when used as a mouthwash, short-term. In some people, green tea extract can cause stomach upset and constipation. Green tea extracts have been reported to cause liver and kidney problems in rare cases.

Drinking green tea is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when consumed for a long time or in high doses (more than 8 cups per day). Drinking large amounts of green tea might cause side effects due to the caffeine content. These side effects can range from mild to serious and include headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremor, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions, and confusion. Green tea also contains a chemical that has been linked with liver injury when used in high doses. In order to reduce the risk for liver injury, take green tea extract with food.

When applied to the skin: Green tea extract is LIKELY SAFE when a specific, FDA-approved ointment (Veregen, Bradley Pharmaceuticals) is applied to the skin, short-term. Green tea is POSSIBLY SAFE when other green tea products are applied to the skin, short-term.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Children: Green tea is POSSIBLY SAFE for children when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in foods and beverages, or when used for gargling three times daily for up to 90 days. Not enough is known about safety of green tea extract when taken by mouth in children. However, cases of liver damage have been reported for adults who used green tea extract. Therefore, some experts recommend that children under the age of 18 years old do not take green tea extract.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, drinking green tea is POSSIBLY SAFE in amounts of 6 cups per day or less. This amount of green tea provides about 300 mg of caffeine. Drinking more than this amount during pregnancy is POSSIBLY UNSAFE and has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage and other negative effects. Also, green tea might increase the risk of birth defects associated with folic acid deficiency.

In women who are nursing, caffeine passes into breast milk and can affect a nursing infant. Nursing mothers should closely monitor caffeine intake to make sure it is on the low side (2-3 cups per day). High intake of caffeine by nursing mothers can cause sleep problems, irritability, and increased bowel activity in breast-fed infants.

"Tired blood" (anemia): Drinking green tea may make anemia worse.

Anxiety disorders: The caffeine in green tea might make anxiety worse.

Bleeding disorders: Caffeine in green tea might increase the risk of bleeding. Don't drink green tea if you have a bleeding disorder.

Heart conditions: Caffeine in green tea might cause irregular heartbeat.

Diabetes: Caffeine in green tea might affect blood sugar control. If you drink green tea and have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar carefully.

Diarrhea: Green tea contains caffeine. The caffeine in green tea, especially when taken in large amounts, can worsen diarrhea.

Glaucoma: Drinking green tea increases pressure inside the eye. The increase occurs within 30 minutes and lasts for at least 90 minutes.

High blood pressure: The caffeine in green tea might increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. However, this effect might be less in people who consume caffeine from green tea or other sources regularly.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Green tea contains caffeine. The caffeine in green tea, especially when taken in large amounts, might worsen the diarrhea some people have with IBS.

Liver disease: Green tea extract supplements have been linked to rare cases of liver damage. Green tea extracts might make liver disease worse. Talk to your doctor before taking a green tea extract. Tell your doctor if you have signs of liver damage such as yellowing skin, dark urine, or abdominal pain. Keep in mind that drinking green tea as a beverage in normal amounts is still probably safe.

Weak bones (osteoporosis): Drinking green tea can increase the amount of calcium that is flushed out in the urine. This might weaken bones. If you have osteoporosis, don't drink more than 6 cups of green tea per day. Taking calcium supplements may help make up for calcium that is lost. If you are generally healthy and getting enough calcium from your food or supplements, taking up to 400 mg of caffeine (about 8 cups of green tea) per day doesn't seem to increase the risk of getting osteoporosis.

   .  Top Brand Green Tea Supplyment in market

1. Jarrow Formulas Green Tea Extract


Jarrow Formulas Green Tea Extract is water extracted. Each capsule contains 500mg of concentrated Green Tea Extract, which provides 250mg polyphenols, 150mg catechins and 75g epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These powerful antioxidants work together to support healthy metabolic function, along with cardiovascular and immune health. Intense athletic training can increase immune vulnerability. Jarrow Formulas Green Tea Extract is a great way to support and protect your immune system.


  • 500mg Green Tea Extract per capsule

  • 250mg polyphenols per capsule

  • 150mg catechins per capsule

  • 75g EGCG per capsule

  • Water extracted

  • Non-GMO

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Supports healthy immune function

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 500 mg green tea extract, providing 250mg polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that support healthy immune function.

Who makes it: Jarrow Formulas, a Los Angeles-based producer and supplier of nutritional supplements. Jarrow Formulas was founded in 1977 and has over 40 years’ experience in developing and marketing superior-quality products in the US.

2. NOW Green Tea Extract


NOW Green Tea Extract capsules are a great way to get all of the benefits of green tea in a concentrated form. Each capsule contains 400mg of powerful green tea extract (GTE) containing polyphenols and catechins, which help to mop-up free-radicals in the body, maintaining healthy cells and supporting healthy metabolic function. GTE also contains caffeine, which boosts metabolism and promotes brain function.NOW Green Tea Extract capsules contain a massive 67% of an adult’s RDA of vitamin C per capsule, providing an additional antioxidant kick, to support the immune system.


  • 400mg Green Tea Extract per capsule

  • 60mg (67% RDA) Vitamin C per capsule

  • Non-GMO

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Supports healthy metabolism

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 400 mg green tea extract, plus 60mg vitamin C, to boost metabolism and support a healthy immune system.

Who makes it: NOW is a US food and nutritional supplements company that was founded in 1968. It has a fantastic reputation for providing high-quality, great-value products and empowering people to lead healthier lives. All NOW products adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness.

3. Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract


Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract contains a massive 725mg GTE per capsule. That’s more concentrated green tea goodness than you would get from drinking three cups of green tea. This supplement provides over 325mg of EGCG, a powerful polyphenol that has been linked to healthy metabolic function, cell reproduction and cardiovascular health.


  • 725mg Green Tea Extract per capsule

  • 325mg EGCG per capsule

  • 25mg caffeine per capsule

  • Non-GMO

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Supports healthy immune function

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 725mg green tea extract, providing over 325mg of powerful EGCG per capsule, to support healthy metabolic function and help you to reach your ideal weight, healthily.

Who makes it: Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract is made by Life Extension, a nutritional supplement company with over 35 years’ experience in the field. All Life Extension products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with strict FDA guidelines. Their customer service is also second-to-none, with a dedicated helpline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

4. Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract


Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract is pure, 100% green tea extract. This powdered supplement contains all the polyphenols and other boosters, without any unnecessary fillers. With no fillers, you get a huge dose of polyphenols and antioxidants, and nothing else. This is also an incredibly affordable product, at less than 5 cents a serving. The convenient powder form makes it easy to mix into just about any liquid, or you can put it in empty capsules for even more convenience.


  • Pure green tea extract

  • Contains 50%+ polyphenols

  • Lab-tested for purity

  • High antioxidant content

  • Powdered for convenience

  • Can mix into water, juice, or make capsules

  • Great value for money

  • Well received user reviews

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 500 mg green tea extract (camellia sinensis), standardized to contain 50% polyphenols. This pure extract contains everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Who makes it: This product is made by BulkSupplements, a large manufacturer and distributor of health supplements. Based in Nevada, BulkSupplements offers 200+ products for a variety of health applications. By focusing on pure, powerful supplements with no fillers or unnecessary junk, BulkSupplements is one of the best supplement companies out there.

5. Hard Rhino Pure Green Tea Extract


Hard Rhino Pure Green Tea Extract is a powerful and pure green tea product. Containing 100% pure green tea extract with no artificial fillers, Hard Rhino makes a great product. Made in an FDA-registered facility and thoroughly tested in-house for purity, this is one of the cleanest green tea powders out there.


  • Pure green tea extract

  • No fillers

  • In-house tested for purity and consistency

  • Huge antioxidant content

  • Standardized to 50% EGCG

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Easy to mix into liquids

  • Great value

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 300 mg green tea extract standardized to contain 98% polyphenols and 50% EGCG. There are no other ingredients – just pure green tea extract!

Who makes it: This extract is made by Hard Rhino, a large supplement manufacturer. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Hard Rhino has a wide selection of simple and highly effective supplements. Ranging from green tea extract to protein powders to vitamins, Hard Rhino has a huge selection at low prices and high-quality standards.

6. Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract


Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract is packed full of polyphenol catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) to boost your metabolism, help you to maintain and healthy weight and promote healthy cells in your body. Caffeine and L-theanine work together in this powerful combination, to promote brain function and keep you alert during the toughest of training programs.


  • 500mg Green Tea Extract per capsule

  • 250mg EGCC per capsule

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Boosts brain function

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 500 mg Green Tea Extract containing a massive 250mg EGCG to boost your metabolism healthily and effectively.

Who makes it: Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract is made by Zhou Nutrition, a food supplement, and nutrition company that uses all-natural ingredients to promote holistic wellbeing. Zhou Nutrition philosophy is #GreatnessByNature. They combine ancient formulas with modern science to provide you with products that are healthy and effective.

7. Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract


Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract is a powerful green tea product at a great price. With pure green tea and added vitamin C, this simple and effective supplement is an affordable and easy way to get the benefits of green tea. It also does not contain caffeine, which can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for.


  • Pure green tea extract + vitamin C

  • Loaded with antioxidants

  • Made in the USA

  • Standardized to 45% EGCG

  • 100% guaranteed or your money back

  • In capsules for convenience

  • Caffeine-free

  • GMO-free

  • Good value for money

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 725 mg decaffeinated green tea extract standardized to 98% polyphenols and 45% EGCG.

  • 60 mg vitamin C (100% of daily value). Vitamin C works together with green tea extract.

Who makes it: Advanced Green Tea Extract is made by Zenwise Labs, a Florida-based supplement company. With a focus on producing 100% all-natural supplements, Zenwise Labs has grown from a small family operation into a huge company with a wide selection of products and a loyal following of fans.

8. Gaia Herbs Green Tea


Gaia Herbs Green Tea is a unique new supplement that comes in liquid form. Liquid green tea extract is put into vegetarian capsules for ease of use. The liquid extract is quite potent and is less processed than many powdered supplements. Since they grow and process their own herbs, they ensure quality and consistency in every product they make.


  • Powerful antioxidant support

  • Liquid extract is absorbed quicker

  • Just green tea and vegetable glycerine – no fillers

  • Contains organic & ecologically harvested green tea

  • Uses green tea grown by the manufacturer

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 696 mg of green tea extract (liquid) containing 300+ mg of polyphenols per serving.

Who makes it: This product is made by Gaia Herbs, a large manufacturer of health products and supplements. Gaia handles every part of the process, from growing the herbs to extracting to processing to distribution. By handling everything in-house, they are able to keep quality standards very high while ensuring potency.

9. Buddha’s Herbs Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract


Buddha’s Herbs Decaf Green Tea Extract is free of caffeine and provides all the great advantages of green tea, without caffeine – so you can even take it at night before bed, without worrying about being able to fall asleep.


  • Caffeine-free

  • Standardized to 85% catechins and 50% EGCG

  • Antioxidant support

  • Green tea capsules are convenient

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 400 mg decaffeinated green tea extract standardized to 85% catechins and 50% EGCG

Who makes it: This product is made by Buddha’s Herbs, a New York-based supplement company. Run by professionals with vast experience with natural products and remedies, Buddha’s Herbs focuses on using natural ingredients to promote health.

10. Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold


Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold is a simple green tea extract that has been decaffeinated. This product is great for those who would like to avoid caffeine. These capsules can even be taken at night because there’s no need to worry about caffeine keeping you up. This product comes in pre-made capsules, so it’s very easy to take – no mixing required!


  • Decaffeinated – can be taken at any time of the day

  • In capsules for easy dosing

  • Pure decaffeinated green tea extract

  • No fillers

  • Made in the USA

  • Packed with antioxidants

  • Standardized to 90% polyphenols, 50% EGCG

  • Good value for money

  • One of the best decaffeinated green tea extract available

What’s in it: One serving contains:

  • 500 mg decaffeinated green tea extract standardized to 90% polyphenols and 50% EGCG. No other ingredients, besides the vegetarian capsule (plant cellulose)

Who makes it: Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold is made by Nutrigold, a large scale producer of natural supplements and health products. Nutrigold is committed to complete transparency, meaning they label everything and source ethically. They also have an industry-defining quality standard, ensuring that everything leaving their warehouses has been fully tested and meets their premium quality standards.

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